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Compassionate Living Society (Working for an inclusive world) – An Earth Charter partner of CLEAN-India, Development Alternatives

Compassionate Living (Working for an inclusive world)

Compassionate Living is about making conscious choices that benefit people, plants and animals. It is about coming together and starting a journey of learning that we are all connected.

We do this by encouraging members to volunteer in any area of their interest and share their experiences with the group. The individuals awareness of issues and sense of compassion slowly expands to include as many aspects as the members bring in.

Our Objectives
  1. Rediscovering traditional lifestyle
  2. Reverence to life through kindness & humane education
  3. Spreading universal peace through spiritual growth
Rediscovering traditional lifestyle
  • To relook at the lifestyle choices we make vis a vis what our earlier generations have done . This includes food, clothing, religious rituals, habitation, medicine, transport and livelihood.
  • To gradually adopt the traditional nature friendly practices
Reverance to life through Humane Education
  • To create awareness on the presence of life in non human forms and how our choices can impact the quality of life both of humans and non humans through Humane education.
  • To encourage doing acts of kindness irrespective of the outcome or the magnitude of kindness.
Spreading Universal peace through spiritual growth
  • To help members explore spirituality as an essential method of inner growth
  • To organize spiritual based gatherings as a way of promoting peace in the world.


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