Earth Charter Initiatives - INDIA

Between May 1999 and May 2000 the Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CESDI) organized a number of consultations and initiated discussions on the Earth Charter in different regions of the country. CESDI also published a special issue of its newsletter focusing on the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter Commissioners, the late Kamla Chowdhry and Ashok Khosla, Chairman, Development Alternatives (EC affiliate) were, since the drafting process, very supportive and helped introduced the EC in India. Both linked the Charter to Gandhian thought, especially with regard to non-violence and peace.

In April 2007, CLEAN-India (programme of Development Alternatives) and the Hon. Chief Minister of Delhi, launched the "Earth Charter for Delhi Schools Project". This meant that New Delhi was the first city in the country to integrate the Earth Charter into its school curriculum. Textbooks and other educational materials have been developed with the EC for India's schools.

The arch of hope, which features the Earth Charter, was presented in several events in India; an important one was the International Women's Conference in Bangalore.

The Delhi Public School Society (DPSS) used the Earth Charter to raise awareness among thousands of children regarding sustainability principles.

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) along with UNESCO organized the 4th International Conference on Environmental Education in Ahmedabad on 2007. The EC Secretariat participated with several activities. The Earth Charter was discussed and included in the final declaration of this Conference.

Between December 2005 and November 2008, the People’s Commission on Environment and Development India (EC affiliate) had focused on the ECI principles, particularly those relating to ecological integrity, in a series of public awareness campaigns organised at Srinagar, Naukuchiyatal and Kodaikanal by its partner-NGOs as a part of the field activities of its Mountain Lakes’ Rehabilitation Project.

In April 2009, Residents of a large colony (Greater Kailash I) in Delhi have formed the Compassionate Living Society and have joined the Earth Charter Group of Development Alternatives.

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